Goal-driven scenarios based on ML/AI models and automated pricing

We have the most complete and complete suite of automatic learning and artificial intelligence services for your company. Working in the interest of all, we are committed to solving a number of the most complex problems.

Develop according to the AI system

You can choose one of the pre-trained AI services to work with computer vision, languages, recommendations and forecasts. With Amazon, for example, you can quickly create, train and deploy scalable machine learning models, or create custom templates that support all popular open source platforms. This is the algorithm of its online product distribution system with super detailed information. Our capabilities are based on the most complete cloud platform, optimized for machine learning, with a high-performance IT infrastructure and uncompromising security and analysis systems.

Let's talk about AI services

Preformed AI services provide ready-made intelligence that can be used in your applications and workflows. Artificial intelligence services can be easily integrated into their applications to be used in standard usage scenarios, for example, to create customized recommendations, modernize the contact center, increase security and increase customer activity. As we use the same in-depth learning technologies used for and our ML services, you benefit from the quality and accuracy provided by the constantly trained APIs.

Wide choice and flexibility when using ML platforms

You have access to TensorFlow, PyTorch, Apache MXNet and other popular platforms on which you can experiment and customize machine learning algorithms. You can define safety stock for the platform of your choice as a managed interface in the Amazon SageMaker service or use fully customized AWS Deep Learning AMI (Amazon Machine Image) images using the latest versions of the most popular platforms and in-depth learning tools. Use a wide range of powerful computing capabilities, starting with GPUs for in-depth learning, requiring advanced computing power, and FPGAs, which are used for specialized hardware acceleration, to RAM instances to obtain logical conclusions.

And the best part is that using AI services does not require automatic learning.

Business tips

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